Case Study on Patients with Allergies, Eczema or GI Disorders

In a recent study with 125 participants divided into three groups – chronic allergic patients with asthma, skin diseases (including eczema) and gastrointestinal disorders were assessed for IgE, IgG and IgA food specific antibodies.

The foods tested were those common to the patients’ diet: beef, wheat, cow’s milk, citrus, egg and tomato. Allergic patients showed elevated beef specific IgG and IgA antibodies (independent of IgE antibodies). The clinical relevance of these beef-specific antibodies to allergy was assess through a six to twelve month exclusion diet followed by response to beef challenge. The levels of beef-specific antibodies before and after were measured. Following the beef exclusion diet, clinical symptoms in all three allergic groups, including those showing beef-specific IgG and/or IgA independent of IgE, improved and was accompanied by a decreased level of beef-specific antibodies.

In the asthmatic patients the frequency of crisis and hospitalizations decreased in response to the exclusion diet. In allergic patients and those with skin conditions the the reactions and the swelling of the deeper layer of the skin were eliminated. All three groups experienced relapse in their symptoms.

Identifying food specific-IgG and IgA antibodies in allergic patients that exhibit recurrent or relapsing symptoms may offer relief through a targeted diet intervention

Food Sensitivities and Eczema

There are plenty of questions that you will want to ask your physician when discussing eczema andeczema natural treatments.  Of course, it’s best to start with the basics -  What could have caused this skin problem? Are there any connections between eczema symptoms and allergies, asthma or hay fever? (be sure to inform your doctor if you  have any of those health problems) Am I doing anything to worsen my condition? Is stress a factor in triggering eczema flare-ups?

Some people are hesitant to use steroid ointment but having no other choice they rush to the dermatologist office. Usually the steroid creams work for in the short term. But who wants to use a steroid cream forever? Is there anything else besides the quick fix?

In search for the answer of these questions some doctors started using USBIoTek Laboratories food IgG antibody test. A lot of people are surprised to find that they have reactions to certain foods. After those foods are eliminated from the diet people feel better and see improvement in the eczema or the skin condition.

Is there Eczema Natural Treatment?

More and more people become conscious on how their food is grown, where it comes from and if it contains preservatives, additives, colorings etc. They become become knowledgeable on the possibility that they could have a reaction to foods.

Elimination diet is widely recommended by by physicians practicing functional medicine. As always when we talk about food reaction and sensitivities the first group of helpers that come to mind are the enzymes. Not only that they digest the food and help with better absorption but they digest inflamed tissues and some of them are able to digest gluten and hard fibers as yeast.