Artemisia Annua

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Artemisia Annua has been extracted and purified from Artemesia annua, also known as wormwood. Records show that Artemisia itself has been used in China and in the Orient for thousands of years to treat many types of illness. In 1971, Artemisia Annua was chemically identified, isolated and has shown to be the effective remedy against Malaria. Recent research performed by Dr Henry Lai and Dr N.P. Singh from the University of Washington,  Seattle, has shown Artemisia Annua to be selectively toxic to abnormal cells. *

All cells require iron in order to divide and function, but rapidly dividing abnormal cells require significantly higher iron concentrations than healthy cells in order to survive.  Since some tumors are characterized by out-of-control cellular division, abnormal cells have exceedingly higher iron concentrations than the normal cells.  When Artemisia Annua or it derivatives come into contact with iron, a chemical reaction takes place and free radicals are created.  They bind with cellular membranes, killing these primarily abnormal growth cells by causing micro-molecular damage.  

Artemisia Annua has been shown to cause rapid damage and death in abnormal growth cells while exhibiting relatively low toxicity in healthy, normal cells.

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