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For viral, bacterial and fungal infections*.

Ingredients: Lauric Acid, Beta Glucan, Olive Leaf Extract.

Lauric Acid, is a form of the fatty acid laurate, which is very effective against lipid-coated viruses, bacteria and fungi. Lauric Acid is normally found in breast milk, to protect the infant before it’s own immune system is fully developed. The antiviral action of Lauric Acid are due to its ability to emulsify the lipids (fats) and phospholipids in the envelope of the virus, which causes disintegration of the virus’s protective envelope. 

Beta-glucan is a naturally occurring polysaccharide, which is a component of the cell wall structures of yeast, barley and oat. It acts as a non-specific immune system activator that is acid-resistant, thus its structure remains intact despite the exposure to stomach acid. 

Documented research on olive leaf extract reveals its unique antimicrobial properties. It has the ability to contain viral infection by inactivating viruses or by preventing virus “shedding”. It can directly penetrate infected cells and stop viral replication. 


*None of the statements above have been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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